Shooting a .50 Cal Right Down A Shotgun Barrel… Here’s What Happens!

Richard Ryan of the YouTube channel FullMag likes to destroy stuff. Especially with guns. He’s blown up and shot the sh*t out of plenty in his time. And now? His target for shooting something with a gun? A gun!

That’s right. Ryan’s idea is to attempt to fire a .50 caliber rifle DOWN the barrel of a shotgun. It takes him lasers and sights and his eye more than two hours to set things up. And he ends up destroying TWO shotguns… But the results? Epic!

Okay, so there might not be too many things on the planet that hold up well to a .50 round, but you can add a pump action shotgun to the list for sure…

Shooting a .50 Cal Down A Shotgun Barrel

Get ready for this. Ignore the dude’s terrible hat.

Shooting a .50 Cal Down A Shotgun Barrel

So here it is… A dude liningĀ up a CRAZY shot shooting right down the barrel of a shotgun with a .50 cal rifle! Check it out…