Shot In The Chest, This Dude Gives The Most Chill Interview Ever

Quincy, Illinois. KHQA news reporter Reyna Harvey is on the scene after a report of a shooting. She gave a quick knock on the door of the house where the shooting happened. Expecting nothing. Surely, the guy’s gone to hospital. But nope. He was in, and up for giving an interview. So, live on TV, Devon Hawkins answers her questions and couldn’t be more chilled out about the whole thing… It’s HILARIOUS!

He shuffles over, smoking a cigarette. He explains what happened – he was kicking back with a drink and a smoke when someone shot him through his window. Right in the chest. Then he shows the wound.

He’s cursing and puffing away and Harvey doesn’t seem to mind, she just keeps nodding her head along with what the dude’s saying. This has to be the world’s most relaxed man. Imagine what he’s like when he HASN’T been shot…