What Getting Tasered Looks Like In Super Slow Motion (It’s Pretty Insane!)


The Slow Mo Guys make it their business to find out what various things look like when you slow them down to super slow motion. Using a series of expensive and extremely smart cameras, they’ve been able to show us a whole bunch of neat stuff. One of our favorites? The slow mo bug zapper!

But the request they receive the most over at SMG HQ is for slowed-down videos of Tasers being fired. And it’s easy to see why. When you watch videos of crazy people shot with Tasers, the speed is incredible. We’ve often wondered what it’s look like slowed down. And now we know!

Regular cameras record 24 frames per second, you might already know But with the sheer speeds achieved by Tasers, a camera that captures an incredible 28,500 FPS was needed!

Check it out: