Smoker Coughs Up A Lung Taking A Hero Hit


We’ve got a video here that will make you want to quit smoking forever. Or at least quit coughing. This is really something. A dude is taking a HUGE hit on a blunt and ‘enjoying’ the huge great big plume of smoke billowing in and out of his lungs. When all of a sudden he begins to have a nasty coughing fit…

… Then he coughs up a lung! Alright, so he doesn’t literally cough up an actual lung. But it damn near looks like it. A disgusting and enormous phlegm loogie flies out of his mouth that’s almost as big as the man’s head.

If you’re a smoker, whether it’s weed or cigarettes, you might well not be in about thirty seconds time!


WARNING: Don’t watch this video while eating. It’s seriously disgusting…