Sickening Football Injury Weirdly Causes Plenty Of Laughs For Saturday Night Live Crew

Saturday Night Live sketches can be hit and miss, we all know that. It’s the nature of skit comedy. Hell, even shows like In Living Color and The Dave Chappelle Show weren’t 100% funny all the time, but it’s worth waiting through the cr*ppy ones, ’cause when they’re funny? They’re HILARIOUS. And we’ve got proof of that right here.

Pete Davidson deadpans his way through this skit as Jarred Schleff, a noob quarterback making his professional debut at a vital point in an Arizona Cardinals vs. Green Bay Packers game. A debut that last all of three seconds before suffering the worst injury of all time. And the SNL team spoof TV football’s obsession with gore and replays…

“No one should have to witness anything that’s shocking, let’s see it again…” This is funny stuff from Kenan & Co. Let’s check it out:

Want more football laughs from the SNL team? Here you go!

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