Soldier Bravely Interrupts Movie Scene To Save Girl From Armed Man

A movie shoot in Russia. The director snaps his clapper board. The cameras are rolling on an action scene taking place outside what looks like a military base. A hostage taker has a gun to a woman’s head. Two armed men are trying to negotiate with him. It’s a tense looking scene.

But not everyone there realizes it’s just a movie. Somehow a soldier from the military base has got onto the set and can see what’s happening. The cameras are far away and the director and his crew are high up in an adjacent building. This soldier think the situation is real. And reacts. Like a true hero…

His quick thinking, reactions and bravery should be applauded, it’s just a shame he didn’t get to put them into action for real. All he really achieved was to ruin the shot. Ah well, it’s a funny story to tell the kids, huh?!

Check it out: