Woman Claims Spare Ribs From Her Local Chinese Restaurant Are Actually Dog’s Paws!

A video is currently going viral which appears to show a DOG’S PAW being passed off as a spare rib from a Chinese restaurant. The clip shows a woman filming the ‘spare rib’ in a mirror and narrating. She doesn’t say the exact restaurant or where it is, but it’s believed to be a place called ‘China Palace’ somewhere.

In the video, the young woman filming expresses her utter disgust and points the camera directly at what does indeed seem to be the paw of a dog, made pink by the spices it’s been cooked it. At one point she says:

“People need to reevaluate their lives before they ended up choking on a dog’s nails.”

dog paw chinese

Take a look:

dog paw chinese

Here it is. This is messed UP!