Wife Answers Family Feud Question Like a SAVAGE – Her Husband’s Gonna Be Having Words After The Show!

We all know that host Steve Harvey brings plenty of laughs to the Family Feud set, don’t we? We don’t watch many TV quiz shows, but when Steve’s in charge, we will. He’s almost as funny on there as he is when he’s ruining the Miss Universe pageant… We’ve seen him act the Thug and the clown on Family Feud, but it’s often the contestants who say the funniest things.

Take the girl who buzzes in to answer this question. Her answer to the question, “Name something that often lasts longer than you want it to…” Well, it goes down a storm. Except, we imagine, with her husband! Although, he’s playing and he does put a brave face on it.

You’ve probably worked out what the answer is by now, huh? Well, just check it out. And watch for Harvey’s excellent reaction…