Girl Accidentally Videos Taxi Driver Stealing Her Drunk Friend’s Cellphone

The shocking moment when a Toronto taxi driver robbed a customer right under her noses was filmed by a friend of the victim accidentally and has been used to charge the man. Returning home from a night out in a ‘Beck’s Taxis’ car, the drunk girls were laughing and stumbling about, not paying attention. One friend thought it’d be funny to video her friend’s boozy exit from the cab. But ended up capturing the crime.

The girl’s didn’t notice the iPhone was missing for a little while. When they realized, they rang it. It was off. It was only by luck that, on watching the Snapchat video back, they saw the exact moment the driver nonchalantly stole the phone. The incident was reported and the man’s been charged.

Here’s what the girl who filmed the incident’s since said: “On Saturday night I took a cab home with a friend. As she is exiting the cab I click onto my app Snapchat and filmed her exit thinking it was funny…little to know I recorded him stealing her cell phone as her back was turned to him as she was getting out of the car. Watch the beginning of the film and see how he doesn’t think twice and finally waves to the camera.”

Check out his shameful behavior:

We much prefer this racing taxi driver!