Cops Search For Teacher Who Got Pregnant By One Of Her 13 Year-Old Students

Houston, Texas. A troubling story has emerged telling of the grooming of an underage child at a school which has seen a police manhunt for the on-the-run perpetrator. Or should we say ‘womanhunt’. Alexandria Vera was a teacher at Stovall Middle School before she quit her job and went on the run. After getting PREGNANT with a 13 year-old pupil’s child…

The alleged abuse began in September of 2015 and continued until recently. And it wasn’t that well-kept a secret. In fact, some pupils were aware of the ‘affair’.

One pupil told Eyewitness News this: “The student, like, grabbed her butt one time and she smiled and everybody saw it. And then everyone was talking about it.”

Teacher Pregnant By Student (1)

Vera had the baby terminated shortly before Child Protective Services quizzed her about her behavior at the school. The interview spooked her and she’s now on the run.

Teacher Pregnant By Student (1)

Vera now faces a charge of what’s being called ‘continuous sexual abuse of a child’. Trouble is, Texas police can’t find her…