Teacher Rap Battles Ex-Student and Totally DESTROYS Him!

When you think of rap battles, what do you picture? For us, it’s an Eminem/8 Mile-style set-up. We think of tough guys spitting lyrics and curses at each other in an underground car park somewhere in Detroit or Atlanta. P*ssed off, angry dudes with a point to prove. We don’t think of 17 year-old British kids trading insults with their old English teacher…

Well, we will now. After having seen this EPIC rap battle from the UK where a young kid called Blizzard goes toe-to-toe with his former teacher, Mr Grist. Step aside Dre, Tupac and Snoop, for the moment, at least, THIS is where the action’s at!

The battle goes well, edging back and forth, but by the end? The kid’s totally DESTROYED by Mark Grist. It’s brutal.

See for yourself: