This Man’s Tesla Predicts A Car Crash Just Moments Before It Happens…

Car accidents. They kill a LOT of people. It’s a sad fact of life. If only we could help drastically reduce them. Well, we can’t. But Tesla might be able to. They’ve some stunning new technology already in their cars which is already saving lives.

Tesla Autopilot is new radar technology is, quite simply, AWESOME. And we’ve got the proof for you right here…

A clip has emerged taken from a dashcam in a Dutch Tesla owner’s car ad shows how it senses a crash ahead and automatically slows the car down.

Tesla Autopilot

Hans Noordsji from Holland was driving his Tesla that on the A2 highway when the incident occurred.

Tesla Autopilot

Now, it could be argued that the car didn’t sense an accident, it merely calculated upcoming traffic. Maybe that’s true. But whatever happened, the Tesla driver was unharmed…

Tesla Autopilot

Incredible. Check it out: