Meet Titus, The Pitbull That’s So Rare That He Might Just Be The Only One Of His Breed Alive

Pit bulls are incredible dogs. Much maligned and criticized by people who don’t fully understand them, they’re actually extremely docile and loving dogs. And not the aggressive little monsters a lot of people – and some media outlets – might have you believe. Sure, they may react angrily on occasion, but that’s all down to poor training and behavior reinforcement.

Pit bull terriers are lovely dogs, whatever the breed. American pit bulls, Staffordshire bull terriers, you name it. But while those two may be the most famous and popular breeds, there are some more unique and rare breeds of pit bull. Like the Albanian pit bull, for instance.

A true one a kind, we’ve an example of the rare breed right here… Meet Titus:


When we say ‘one of a kind’, we might just mean it too. The Albanian pitbull is the result of some intense and morally dubious breeding processes that have been outlawed for some time. As such, it’s now illegal to breed them and so Titus up here might just be the only one of his kind…

It’s believed that while a few Albanian pit bulls, with their bizarre cheetah-like markings, might well still exist in the homes of rare dog collectors, it’s thought that none will exist in a generation’s time.

This is technically good news as there are quite a few medical imperfections and ailments associated with them, but damn… They’re so pretty!