She Tests Her Man’s Loyalty By Tempting Him With An Adult Star; Instantly Regrets It!


‘To Catch a Cheater. That’s what the YouTube series is called. In the episode we’ve got for you below, a girl is looking to test her boyfriend. He’s never cheated before, but she wants to be sure. The test of loyalty? She sends in ‘adult’ star Valerie White to tempt him…

Not particularly realistic, but daaaamn tempting! The dude’s response? Well, we won’t spoil it too much for you, but he’s remarkably restrained. He does do something that annoys her though. She has ‘mixed feelings’ about it. She rings him on camera to confront him…

Annoyed at being tested and challenged, the dude reacts like a true hero and just dumps her on the spot. For not trusting him. “Are you f*cking kidding me?” She screams afterwards. “That’s how he breaks up with me after a f*cking year?!” 


If you need to test your partner’s loyalty that says it all really.