Trump Threatens Fox News Host During Debate; Calls Rosie O’Donnell ‘A Fat Pig’

Donald Trump is many things. Billionaire, TV star, presidential candidate, sporter of terrible hair… But there’s one thing he ain’t. And that’s polite. His campaign so far has seemingly amounted to him doing a tour of the country, getting in front of a mic and dissing everyone from John McCain to Mexican immigrants.

And now he’s back with a new set of targets. Women. He’s often been accused of sexism and misogyny in the past. And Fox News host Megyn Kelly called him out on it in a recent GOP debate. And he reacted angrily. As is his wont…

Blaming a culture of ‘political correctness’, Trump defends his comments. He admits to calling Rosie O’Donnell ‘a fat pig’. And then goes on the offensive, threatening Megyn Kelly in the process!

This dude’s crazy. A lunatic? Or a straight-up OG? You decide.