Two Killer Whale Babies Eat A SHARK Alive!


Monterrey Bay, California. A 9am trip on the SeaWolf II. It’s a little boat that runs trips to spot whales and those on board were lucky enough to catch some whales that morning. Only they didn’t think they’d see the BRUTAL episode they did…

Two young killer whales hunting, killing and eating a SHARK! the 10ft long sevengill shark was no match for these two young females…

“And all of a sudden one of them brought it up, brought up the whole shark — and it was still alive, it was squirming around,” says Katlyn Taylor, a marine biologist.

Whales Eat a Shark

“They’re kinda tricky animals to study,” Taylor goes on. “They hold their breath a long time, they swim really fast, they travel way offshore. That’s part of the fun though, you never know what’s going to happen.”

Damn, nature… You scary!

Whales Eat a Shark

This incredible footage really is something. Check it out…