Dude Snapchats Ordeal From Under Girl’s Bed After Her Mom Comes Back Early!

Every guy knows what it’s like to sneak round to your girl’s house when their parent’s aren’t home. Maybe they’ve gone to a BBQ on a Saturday afternoon or you know the girl’s mom’s at work on a Wednesday evening or whatever. Keep things in order, be vigilant. Keep your eye on the clock…

The dude you’re about to meet did all of those three things. But he didn’t reckon on his girl’s mom coming home early from work.

So what does he do? Naked, he jumps out of the bed and hides underneath it. Luckily, he grabs his phone before he dives under there. And we say ‘luckily’ because without it, we’d never have read his hilarious Snapchats!

It begins…

Snapchat Fail

The mom arrives.

Snapchat Fail

The timing’s all messed up.

Snapchat Fail

Frustration builds…

Snapchat Fail

Delirium sets in.

Snapchat Fail

We feel for the poor kid, but we’re happy it happened. It gave us all a laugh, right?

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