Strangers Bodyslam Scumbag They See Beating a Woman On a Highway

Two men who’d never met before teamed up to bring down a scumbag who they’d seen beating a young woman in broad daylight on a Vancouver highway recently. The men, Joey Thomas and William Byrum both witnessed the man’s flying fists and quickly intervened, slamming the guy on the turf and pinning him until the police showed up.

“I picked him up and just slammed him down on the ground so that I could get on top of him. we did something good for somebody we didn’t know. And that’s what’s important.” Byrum said.

Thomas said this about what went down: “The way I look at it is, you don’t hit women. I would hope if it were my wife or my mom, somebody else would have taken action if I wasn’t there.”

Now that’s something we can all agree with. Let’s make a pact – if none of us let people like this get away with things like this, then we’ve all got each other covered, right? If everyone had everyone else’s back – NO ONE gets away with this kind of thing…

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