Staring Right Down The Barrrel This Dude Pulls Off The Fastest DOUBLE Gun Disarm EVER


Delta Force, LT. General Jerry Boykin says about the man… Victor Marx is one of the top martial artists in the country. I have never seen anybody with faster hands.” And we’ve gotta say – we agree with ol’ Jerry here. Victor Marx didn’t mess around. Especially when it comes to gun disarming.

Now, this video here isn’t exactly ‘instructional’, Marx says it’s more for ‘entertainment purposes’. And it sure is entertaining. He demonstrates disarming two people seemingly at once. This is some serious Steven Seagal stuff right here.

The situation is this – Marx is being mugged. There are two perps and each has a gun pointed at him. One point black in the head, the other in his back…

Gun Disarm

This is seriously impressive – check it out…