These Wheelchair Bodybuilders Prove That You Shouldn’t Let Anything Hold You Back!

From the waist up, the ten ridiculously muscular men who pitched up to the Columbus Convention Center in March are stacked. And when they flexed their muscles at the very first Arnold Classic Pro Wheelchair competition just recently, the crowd were impressed. Admittedly, the leg work isn’t amazing – but hey – these guys are in wheelchairs. That’s right, wheelchair bodybuilding is a thing and it’s nothing short of awesome…

The event was the brainchild of former champion bodybuilder Nick Scott. He says of it: “To make this happen is truly the dream. We are following the same process that Arnold Schwarzenegger did.
A champion’s mindset is to not let anything get in the way of your dream – it’s about finding a way. That’s what I did – I found a way to make this happen.”

It’s a great event and really deserves everyone’s support. Lots of the bodybuilders taking part have had to fight adversity and for them to take to the stage, it takes a lot of guts. Let’s check out how it went down: