When Cody Garbrandt Attacked Conor McGregor…


We’ve got a big weekend of UFC coming up… Tonight sees UFC207 and there are some tasty fights on the card. Nunes Vs Rousey is obviously a big one, but we’re probably more keen on what happens when Cody Garbrandt challenges Dominic Cruz.

The two have beef and it’s been insults and storming out of interviews and weigh-in scuffles all week. We fancy Cruz to win, but Garbrandt’s not to be underestimated.

We see his true fighting spirit here in this clip from The Ultimate Fighter 22 when he goes for Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor and Cody Garbrandt (1)

Conor is goading Team Faber, asking someone to “Do something then.”

Cody steps up…

Conor McGregor and Cody Garbrandt (1)

And it all goes off!

Conor McGregor and Cody Garbrandt (1)

Here it is:

And here’s the interview with Cruz where Garbrandt storms out: