Kevin Hart Trolls ‘Fan’ Who Thought He Was Chris Rock In The Most EPIC Way!

Ever met a celebrity? Yeah, most people have. And it’s pretty easy to get a little flustered and go a little crazy. It’s expected and they don’t might, we’re sure. But one thing the celebrity probably doesn’t dig all that much – you mistaking them  for someone else. They’ve delicate egos like that. Luckily for this lady here (who thinks he’s Chris Rock) – Kevin Hart‘s not too delicate – he’s just funny as Hell!

Sensing the opportunity for laughs, Hart wasn’t going to let the girl get away with it. Not a chance. Luckily he had his cellphone on him, and managed to shame her on his Snapchat story for the everyone to see. Thank God.

WOMAN: “Are you Chris Rock?”
HART: “Yes I am. Pleasure to meet you.”
WOMAN: “You, too.”
HART: “Make sure you come to my show tonight.”
WOMAN: “Yes.”
HART: “It’s called, Rock The World.”

Check it out: