Introducing… World’s Largest Farm Tractor – You Ain’t Gonna Believe This Thing!

It’s called the ‘Big Bud 747‘ and it sure it big, bud. In fact, it’s the biggest. The biggest in the world, no less. Biggest what? Farm tractor. This thing is a giant the likes of which you can’t imagine. The wheels are just crazy. Imagine having to change one after a blow out!

This thing is 15 foot tall and weighs in at a near-incredible FIFTY TONS! That’s one heavy son of a gun, huh? We’re not exactly sure how practical it is exactly in a field and whatnot, but hey – who cares? It’s looks AWESOME. And that’s all we care about.

We’ve never quite seen anything as big or impressive as the Big Bud 747. And it’s those tires we just can’t get over… MAN.

World’s Largest Farm Tractor

This thing is a total beast… Check it out: