World’s Strongest Man Makes MMA Debut; Smashes Through Opponent With Ease


Mariusz Pudzianowski. A big strong guy. In fact, the strongest guy in the world. Or, at least he was. Five times in fact. He holds five World’s Strongest Man titles. But he also fights. And he’s no slouch. It might be tempting to think that he’s just a big bulky dude with no moves. Not true. He’s got skills. And a punch like a sledgehammer…

He made his MMA bow in a fight against the former professional boxer Marcin Najman back in 2009. Fight fans assumed he’d embarrass himself. But that was not to be…

He stalks his opponent with a hammer fist clenched and ready and strikes out at Najman like a cobra. His kicks are HUGE too, getting his man off balance.

Mariusz Pudzianowski

This is impressive work right here.