10 Prom Photos Totally Owned By Dad

There’s not much more nerve wracking in life than meeting your girlfriend’s dad. You stand there, you shake his hand, and he looks at you thinking ‘you’ve been intimate with my daughter!’ Even worse is when you discover they are a total psycho – giving you ‘the talk’ about how if you ever hurt his little girl he will track you down and kill you. Or is that just me?

In this hilarious series of photos of couples going to their school prom, we see dad petrifying the fellas and embarrassing the girls in equal measure. These boys better treat their dates right, as I dread to think what these dads would do to them!

1. “I’ll just make sure this massive knife is clean before I jam it in your throat”

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2. “Let me show you my shotgun collection, son”

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3. “You keep your hands to yourself, you hear?”

Prom showdown.

4. “I assume that you like having a pair of balls?”

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5. “Pffft, I could take him”

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6. “What on earth have I got myself in to?”

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7. “That’s right. I’m a cop. With a gun. I could END you”

a dad giving his daughter’s prom date the speech

8. “You treat your sister fancy at the prom, Cleetus”

This dad knew how to handle prom

9. “First, I’ll maim you with this one. Then I’ll finish you off with the other”

My prom photo, I will be behaving myself this year at prom!

10. “That’s it. You pose for the photo. What am I doing behind you? Oh, nothing”