13 Year-Old Joy Rider Gets Into High Speed Chase With Cops!

Mount Clemens, Michigan. A 13 year-old boy was arrested after going on a ridiculous joy ride which saw him flee from cops in a high speed pursuit lasting miles. The epic chase occurred when the boy stole his parents car and refused to stop for officers, instead driving away from them through Clinton Township.

The police had received a report of Black Nissan Altima driving ‘erratically’ on Metropolitan Parkway near Harper at around 11:30pm last Saturday. When they caught up with the car though, the driver refused to stop. It was only when the car came to a screeching halt that deputies realized that the driver was just a child. Presumably one who loves GTA.

It turns out that the boy’s eight year-old sister was in the passenger seat the whole time and also tried to run away when the car stopped. The boy is expected to attend a juvenile detention hearing soon. Unsurprisingly.

Check out the crazy footage right here: