14 Year-Old Football Player Taks Down Shoplifter In The Most Epic Way

Kevin Merz is only fourteen years old but he’s already 6 foot 1. And growing by the day. So, despite his age, you wouldn’t want him smashing into you. Especially as he’s a 206lb football star (left tackle, to be precise). He’s being hailed a hero after stopping a shoplifter at a store he was at with his family recently. And the footage is pretty damn impressive. This kid’s got skills. And no fear.

The kid was out shopping with his parents and brothers when he noticed the suspect running away from the cops. He says he stopped the guy because he was ‘worried for the safety of the people around him’. Plus he just loves tackling people.

“I decided that I have to protect my family,” he said. “So, I straight-on football tackled him. My dad got kind of scared because he thought he might have a weapon, but I didn’t really care.” What a dude – check him out in action: