AR-50 – The .50 Caliber AK Machine Gun That’s Changing The Game…

The AK-47 is an iconic weapon, isn’t it? The daddy of all machine guns, it’s the best-lived and most famous weapon available on the AK platform. But a new design might just be about to put the cat amongst the pigeons. And then blast both the cat and the pigeons away… It’s the AK-50.¬†Designed and manufactured by ‘The AK Guy’, this things looks set to be the daddy of all automatic rifles.

The AK-50 has a frankly enormous¬†27″ barrel. Yep, really. It’s a total beast of a weapon, but – sorry shooting fans – this game-changer isn’t commercially available yet. It should be hitting the market later in the year and setting you back a cool seven grand.

So it’s huge and costly. It’s not something you’re going to be getting for Christmas, but it is awesome. So you should know about it. Find out more in these enlightening videos:

Here’s more on the thing: