British TV Have BANNED This Man Because Of His EXTREME Act…


Alex Magala is a talented performer currently wowing the whole of the UK with his incredible sword-swallowing act on the TV talent show Britain’s Got Talent. But his stunts are so extreme and so increasingly dangerous that the show now refuses to allow him to perform them live.

The 26 year-old breezed through the auditions and is ripping up the competition, but lawyers and producers on Simon Cowell‘s show got nervy and when the complaints came in? They had to act…

Here’s what Magala says: “I reassured them that I would be in control all the time – but I have never done this stunt before. It could be a revolution in the world of sword-swallowing.”

“But if even the slightest little thing – a wrong angle, a glitch in the music – goes wrong, it will break my concentration and it could be a massive disaster.”

This is like no act you’ve seen before.