He’s Disrespected By His Arrogant Opponent – But Gets Revenge In A BRUTAL Way

Mixed martial arts is big business in North America. But Europe take it seriously too. There are some top class fighters coming out of Eastern Europe at the moment, no doubt. And a couple that fought recently are among them. We’re talking about Anzor Azhiev vs Vaso Bakocevic. A Polish dude taking on a Montenegrin in an epic battle. And there was certainly no love lost between the two men leading up to the fight.

Bakocevic, who speaks fluent English, was particularly vocal pre-fight. Mocking his opponent’s hair and inability to speak English, he wouldn’t shut up. Flipping him off, swearing at him, he used every trick in the book to get inside Azhiev’s head. For his part, Azhiev said nothing and did nothing. Until the night of the fight…

Call it karma, call it revenge, call it comeuppance. Call it whatever you like. We call it a God damned a*s whupping! See for yourself:

Enjoy that? Here’s theĀ Anzor Azhiev vs Vaso BakocevicĀ full fight: