This MMA Fighter Might Just Be The Biggest Douchebag Of All Time…

Controversy is never too far away in any sport, is it? With money and fans and rules and dedication and adrenaline into the mix, crazy stuff is always liable to happen. And it’s no different in mixed martial arts. The world of professional fighting is usually serene and respectful, but when the mask slips? Things can get nasty. And pretty out of hand. We’re talking about the douchiest moments in MMA history.

Bad sportsmanship is, thankfully, rare in the fight game. But when you see it? It’s disappointing. Alright, a lot of times it’s pretty entertaining too – but you get our point.

Submission holds and chokes that last too long, spitting, gouging, biting, lording it up over your defeated opponent and having no class… Hell, even punching the REFEREE! Messed-up sh*t goes down in MMA. And here’s the proof: