The Shockingly Bloody Moment When A Lone Bear Takes On An Entire Wolf Pack

Nature’s tough and when you’re hungry – you’ll do anything. And that’s proved right here as an epic brawl kicks off between a bear and a pack of wolves in Montana.

The eye-opening photographs were taken by a Mr Littlejohns, a British logistics consultant, while he was on a trip to the Rocky Mountains. He says this about his find:

“In these particular images, I saw the change from relatively docile and almost large cuddly wolves become unbelievably ferocious both with each other and prepared to take on a fully grown Grizzly!”

The wolves eat their meal…

A little in-fighting begins…

A bear smells the meal and saunters over.

He decides he’s hungry and fancies trying to get some of the deer. Some wolves flee.

He dominates one wolf…

The lone wolf doesn’t stand a chance.

There’s only one winner here, right?


The bear celebrates and enjoys the spoils of war…

Bear 1 – 0 Wolves.