These Top 20 One Punch Boxing Knockouts Are Seriously SAVAGE!

Boxing. To the real pugilism fan, there are many different things to appreciate about the great sport. Training, technique, dedication, skill, tactics, patience, strength, power, defense… But to the casual observer? Well, it’s all about knockouts. And, Hell – even to us aficionados – we all like to see a devastating KO from time to time, don’t we?

And so it is that we bring to you an excellent compilation video of the top twenty ‘one punch’ knockouts from boxing recent history. ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson features heavily, of course. But so too do fighters like ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley.

This is an unmissable collection of fighting clips because it jumps straight in at the deep end, bringing you what you want to see and no filler. There’s no annoying musical backdrop, no ring walks, no trash talk… Welcome to KO City!