Watch True Bison Fury As This Thug Beast Shows Puny Humans Who’s Boss!

True Thugs don’t care what people think or how many there are in their way. They just get things done. Like the bison Thug you’re about to see. He unleashes true bison fury on some unsuspecting tourists who cross him. It’s his patch and he’s not having puny humans stamping all over it and getting in his way… Oh no.


The tracks you’ll hear:
0:17 Lloyd Banks – Hands Up ft. 50 Cent
0:50 2Pac -Ambitionz az a ridah
1:26 Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg – The Next Episode
2:00 50 Cent – Disco Inferno
2:20 Dr. Dre – Bad Intentions

Video descriptions in order:
0:08 Pheasant hunter
0:40 Old thug
1:04 Thug disposes drugs
1:55 Motor parking thug
2:16 Bison fury thug

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