Wheelchair Thug’s Found The Perfect Way To Travel In Style!

You’ve got to feel for people in wheelchairs. Not being able to walk must be a drag. And while we feel for those people, we can’t help but be impressed by what the wheelchair-bound Thug in this clip does to get about town easier. Hey, come on… Have you ever seen someone in a chair use a lawnmower to pick up their pace?!

Also in this collection of Thug Life videos we have a teacher no playing games, a kid driver and a Thug that stops for no one…

The tracksĀ in order:
0:26 The Game – How We Do
0:36 Jay-Z – 99 Problems
1:18 NWA – F**k Da Police
1:39 NWA – F**k Da Police
2:10 Dr. Dre – The Next Episode

The clips in order:
0:01 Sit your a*s down and be quiet
0:36 Teacher doesn’t mess around
0:52 Surprise m*therf*cker
1:32 This Thug ain’t stopping for nothin’
2:06 Wheelchair Thug on the move

An all-new Thug Life collection. Have fun getting involved: