Check Out The Very Best THUG LIFE Compilation of 2015 – Part 7!

This Thug Life video collection right here brings you a varied cornucopia of crazy a*s Thuggery. We’ve got Thug gulls, A Thug rooster taking on a cat, a straight-up Thug working a road barrier and even a dude picking up a damn car that’s parked badly and moving it!



Here are your tracks in order:
0:01 Straight to the bank – 50 Cent
0:30 My n*gga – YG ft Jeezy & Rich Homie Quan
0:59 Where the hood at – DMX
1:36 Mama said knock you out – LL Cool J
1:57 U Not like me – 50 Cent

And the video descriptions:
0:01 Surfing seagull
0:20 Thug moves car
0:57 Rooster vs Cat
1:22 You shall not pass
1:54 Dunkin’ Thug

So throw on your shades, light up a fat one and enjoy…