These Anarchists Start Burning The American Flag… Watch How The Bikers There React

Green Park, New York. A protest is in full swing. A group of young anarchists have gathered to demonstrate and burn some flags. They alight a confederate flag and then a Stars n’ Stripes get thrown on the fire. They may believe that they have a valid political point, but to most people? That’s crossing the line. People died in combat to protect that flag and it’s too much to set fire to Old Glory. And they upset the wrong people here: A biker gang.

A gang of bikers are soon on the scene and they are NOT happy. They see the disrespectful flag burning in action and are quick to strike. They snatch the flag from the flames, put it out and the anarchists quickly retreat.

Police are later visible, but they seemingly leave the bikers to it. Who are happy to lay down some justice of their own…