The Awesome ‘Black Swan’ Superyacht That Looks Like It Was Built For A Bond Villain

If you were a billionaire, how would you spend your money? A huge property portfolio? A fleet of supercars? Both? Why not, huh? You could afford it. You could also afford a giant yacht. So you may as well buy one. And if it were us? We’d bag ourselves one of these beauts… A ‘Black Swan’ superyacht.

Because if you’re going to buy yourself a yacht, why not make it a superyacht? After all, it’s got ‘super’ in the name – it must be good! And this thing certainly is that. Well, alright – it’s slightly better than just ‘good’. It’s magnificent.

This thing has some truly incredible power. 23,000 horsepower, to be exact. Which is pretty special, isn’t it? But more than that, it’s just about how amazing this thing looks, for us. The Black Swan has a truly groundbreaking design…


Yeah, that’s right. That’s a helicopter on the top!


Total beast, check it out: