ROID RAGE! Pro Bodybuilder Attacks Disabled Fan At Meet And Greet Event

A bizarre online spat spilled out into real life recently at a professional bodybuilders meet-and-greet event when self-confessed steroids user Rich Piana went Full Bully and begin slapping around a disabled fan. The fan, a cult hero on YouTube called Jason Genova, had apparently annoyed Piana with his behavior on social media. But to see the enormous bodybuilder slapping and taunting Genova makes for some seriously uneasy watching.

It was the Europa Games event in Orlando, Florida and the pair seemingly meet and appear friendly. But when Piana reveals his beef, it soon becomes clear that there’s an undercurrent of aggression in the air. And none of it’s coming from the younger fan.

“I feel like I gotta do something back to you to get back at you,” Piana says, offering to “slap him around a little bit on camera”. Then things get nasty. Check it all out: