This Tiny Derringer Packs A Bigger Punch Than You Think And Can Fire Almost Anything

Despite what your first girlfriend told you, size isn’t everything. Okay, packing a huge weapon might impress some, but it’s all about how you use it. Quality over quantity. Even with a small one, if it goes off in someone’s face, they’re gonna know about it. Alright, smutty double entendres aside, we’re talking about handguns here. And Derringer-type two-shoot pistols, specially. Some are actually pretty bada*s…

What we’ve got for you here below might well be the smallest little gun you’ve even seen. It’s made by a company called Bond Arms and it’s called ‘The Mama Bear’. It’s an ideal back-up weapon or gun for a woman to conceal in a purse or bag.

ThisĀ .358/.38 special is a gun with a special modular barrel system capable of coming in up to 25 different calibers, to go along with the one specified. It’s got a very special way of loading too.

Check it out: