Boxer Tony Bellew Turns Film, Creed, Into A Reality In Intense Boxing Match

We all know that movies are mostly fiction, right? But what happens when a fiction film becomes reality? It stuns the entire nation, that’s what! In an amazing boxing match, British boxer, Tony Bellew – who is also the star of the film, Creed, managed to replicate the plot of the movie in his stunning performance.

The boxer played the role of world champion “Pretty” Ricky Conlan in the seventh release of the Rocky series. The highlight of the film shows him beat Adonis Johnson, the son of Apollo Creed, in a world light-heavyweight fight.

Now, Bellew has taken the title of WBC world cruiser-weight champion for the first time. Bellew talks about his experience by saying:

“I thought that film was the closest I would get,’ Bellew said an hour after the fight. ‘But I have done it. I have won the world title. I was willing to die in the ring for this and now I have won it. My god. I had spent three weeks dreaming about this fight and couldn’t see how I would win. This guy was designed to be the worst possible fighter for me. A southpaw who hits like an effing truck. But, look, I did it. I did it.”

What an awesome and inspirational story.