Think You Can Outrun The Brazilian Cops? Think Again

When a burglar in Brazil was caught in the act, he escaped in a stolen pick up truck. Thinking he could outrun the police, he took to the back streets, risking the lives of innocents as he went tearing through residential areas without a thought for anyone but himself. He thought his plan was working. However, this dumb kid hadn’t realized that in Brazil, they take law enforcement VERY seriously. In this brutal video shot from a Brazilian Federal Police helicopter, we see an armed officer training his semi-automatic on the fleeing vehicle. In most countries, shooting at a moving vehicle from a helicopter would be a non-no. But this is Brazil. In Brazil they do things a little differently.

Bear in mind that this is a trained police sniper, not just some rookie with a gun. Though it may appear irresponsible to try to take down a moving vehicle in a residential area from a helicopter with a machine gun, this guy knows what he’s doing. He will have trained for years to be able to do what he does. And what he does is pretty impressive. Sorry, kid, but you haven’t got a chance.

Remind us not to commit any crimes in Brazil. Check it out: