Teacher Tries To Justify S*x With Students With This INSANE Claim

Davis High School, Utah. A teacher who spent the last couple of years all over the news as lurid details of her affairs and inappropriate conduct with teenage students came out, has finally learned her fate. Brianna Altice, the former English teacher at the school has been found guilty after pleading that way to three counts of forcible sexual abuse. She will serve between two and thirty years in jail for her crime.

During the trial, though – she made a startling claim. She reckons that the students with whom she came in s*xual contact with all saw their academic performance IMPROVE.

Basically, she’s saying she did them a favor and that she’s the victim. She denied that she would dress inappropriately at school but did admit that her behavior was illegal and wrong.

Utah Teacher

She went on to blame it on her ex-husband and how their loveless marriage encouraged her to seek physical attention elsewhere.

Utah Teacher

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