WWE Goes NUTS As Brock Lesnar Throws Car Door Into Crowd And Hits Fan

WWE wrestling can get pretty crazy at times nowadays and all sorts of insane stuff happens. But it’s not every day you witness one of the biggest stars of WWE ripping off a car door from its hinges and flinging it into the crowd at a fan, is it?

But that very thing happened Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois on Monday Night Raw recently. Luckily, the guy struck wasn’t badly injured and copped some free backstage passes and merch.

The WWE released a statement after the incident, saying: “WWE immediately responded to the incident during last night’s show. The fan was unharmed and declined any medical attention.”

It looks kinda painful, but hey – c’mon… It’s gonna make a good story for this guy, right? Imagine telling your buddies that Brock Lesnar threw a car door at you!

Check out what happened: