Bruce Lee Shows Off Charm And Lightning Fast Moves In Rare Early Screen Test

Bruce Lee is many things to many people. A martial arts expert, Mr. Kung Fu, a movie star, a legend, a hero, an idol. He’s one of the movie world’s biggest ever stars, but just think about it… In the early 1960’s, how many Asian-American ‘stars’ were they? None. Asian characters like Fu Manchu and Genghis Khan were even played by white actors in make-up.

So for Bruce Lee to make it, he had to have something. Charm, charisma, likeability. And obviously extreme talent. Look, we all know he had all those things in spades. And this newly-uncovered screen test from 1964 shows this. A spritey 24 year-old, he steals the show. This is ace.

He even gives a demonstration of his super-fast moves on a old producer/casting guy. The speed that his hands and feet move is almost unbelievable. This is perfect…