Bruce Lee’s Wife Says What REALLY Happened During His Famous Street Fight

December, 1964. World famous martial arts expert and movie star Bruce Lee receives a letter from a Kung-Fu artist named Wong. But unlike most other letters he receives, it’s not fan mail. It was a challenge to a fight. Lee wouldn’t normally accept, but the guy wouldn’t leave it alone. So he agreed.

Urban legends about the fight have floated about for decades. But now, Lee’s wife wants to clear up what really happened that day in San Francisco. Linda Lee Caldwell takes up the story…

‘People have made comments and written about the story, that has changed so drastically over the years. But I was there. I know exactly what happened.’

‘Right away, Bruce threw the first punch and there were a few exchanges there and then Wong turned and ran, he actually ran. Eventually Bruce got him down on his back ready to punch him and he said, do you give up? Do you give up?’

Bruce Lee Street Fight

Lee even said this at the time: ‘I chased him and, like a fool, kept punching behind his head and back. Soon my fists began to swell from hitting his hard head. Right then, I realized Wing Chun was not too practical and began to alter my way of fighting.’

Check out what really went down that day. Let’s let Mrs. Bruce Lee finish the story…