It’s Finally Happened… Scientists Have Just Invented The Weed Tampon!

Science – you’ve done it again! Not a lot of use for guys, but this new invention – the cannabis tampon – what a breakthrough… We all know about the health benefits of weed. Especially as a painkiller (that’s why it’s legal in so many states now).

But not everyone wants to smoke the stuff and stink like Snoop Dogg‘s ride. So that’s why there are things like weed candy¬†and weed honey. And now? Marijuana sanitary products. Called ‘Foria Relief‘.

And they’re not packed full of weird chemicals, either. They have organic cocoa butter, THC oil, and CBD isolate in them. And that’s it. Inserted as you would a normal tampon and these things are proven to cut down on menstrual pain.

Weed Tampons

Weed tampons. The future? Check it out: