Vigilantes Apprehend Carjacker; Make Him Cry Like A Little B*tch

Nashville, Tennessee. A man carjacks a woman and is about to make good his escape. But just as he begins doing so, he’s stopped in his tracks by three good Samaritan types who have seen what went down. And decided to step in.

They get into the car and vigilante-style hold down the man so he can’t drive away or get out and run away. The woman driver begins filming the incident. Obviously upset, she remonstrates with the man who she claims assaulted and robbed her.

But the dude? He ain’t exactly much of a tough guy… He starts CRYING. Like a baby too. He’s blaring his eyes out – it’s a sorry scene. He’s turned on the waterworks, but that ain’t gonna wash – fella… You’re going to jail!