The Brand New Implant That Sends Her A Text When Her Man Is Cheating

Commit-Tech. That’s what they’re calling it. A taste of the future that’s potentially only around the corner. The idea? To stop adultery and cheating. How? Via some very smart – but invasive – technology. Commit-Tech provide you with a chip which is to be surgically implanted into the genitals of a couple (one in the tip of the penis, the other in the vulva). Should either party engage in sexual activity with someone other than the other chipped person? An alert is sent out.

Developer Stephen Triton says this about his new invention: “It’s a brilliant idea and we think it’s about time couples became accountable for their actions. There is no way cheating mates can get away with infidelity anymore.”

“If your partner is not willing to install this implant, you might want to think twice about their commitment to you.”

Cheating Implant

Talks about installing technology to work alongside the implant are ongoing, but it’s thought that Microsoft and Samsung are keen and Apple may even support it in time for the release of the new iPhone.

The idea is that a text or push notification is sent to the partner’s phone and the chip can be geographically located, so you can confront your wandering other half.

Is this the end of cheating? We’ll have to wait and see.