Store Owner Fights Off Armed Robber; Takes His Gun; Gods of Karma Rejoice

Chicago, Illinois. An armed robbery at a cellphone store went quickly wrong for the criminal wielding a gun when the store owner fought back. And HARD. The stick-up came out of the blue as the man pretended to be interested in buying a phone. Out of nowhere, he pulls out a bag and a gun and demands to be taken to the back room to empty the safe.

The owner goes along with the assailant and appears to be 100% compliant and can even be seen emptying the cash register into the bag for the man. But during a split second lapse in concentration from the robber, the store owner takes his chance and rushes him, knocking him to the ground. A flurry of punches follows and the criminal loses his gun…

This is a pretty epic play from the guy. One minute he’s selling iPhones, the next he’s battering an armed robber, wrestling his gun off him and taking him down. Karma’s a b*tch, ain’t it?!